N O T E + D A T E

There was this guy I kept seeing; parking his car across from my home, coming back from a surf, always giving me a sweet smile, nodding his head the way people do to acknowledge your existence without uttering a word. So one day I decided to put myself out there and left a note on his car, saying something along the lines of "Hey, I'm the girl who drives the black car. I was wondering if you'd like to go for a drink sometime. If so, here is my number and if not, I hope this note made you smile X".

To my surprise and delight, he actually text me saying he'd love to go out with me. There was one downside to the message... to my worst horror he informed me his name was PAUL*.  It could have spelled the end but I was of course not going to judge him for his parents mistake. We went out for a drink that week, had a great time but unfortunately, although PAUL was lovely, he wasn't the one I was looking for. 

Sometimes you've got to be completely vulnerable in order to get what you are looking for [at], or at least a bit of fun... I have ZERO regrets for putting that note on his car and in fact I have been thinking of trying this out again on another handsome neighbour. I'll keep you posted! x

* a little reminder about my LOVE for the name PAUL

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