I'm sure everyone has a name that they just don't like and for me it's PAUL. It's not PAUL's fault that he has been named PAUL, it is his parents. When their son was born, why oh why did they look at that sweet innocent face and think... PAUL. Granted it does mean; small, humble, scarce and rare but to me it's just a nondescript name, missing a syllable, flat tyre, let the air out of a balloon sounding name. I have said PAUL plenty of times, over and over trying to make it sound pleasing and perhaps its my voice but I just can't get any happiness out of it. Even Wikipedia doesn't know what to do with its pronunciation: i/ˈpɔːl/ 

Yes, yes, I'm sure there are plenty of worse names and to list them would be cruel plus this post is dedicated to the dear males who have been cursed with the name PAUL, so why would I upset more of the male population (or the mothers who choose their names).

Don't get me wrong, the actual men called PAUL are what would be by all accounts, nice guys. Their name hasn't defined them. I've met plenty and even dating a few, so I'm not totally dismissing them. When they introduce themselves - "hey, I'm PAUL" - my initial thought, apart from run is how long can I get away with not addressing PAUL by his name and if this turns into more, PLEASE have a nickname or let me create one for you... how's babe work for you?

I recently went on a date with a man whose surname was PAUL. This threw me a little; what would happen if the relationship worked out and we had children! I couldn't have done that to our children and how would I've been able to explain my dislike for this four letter word that I've bestowed on them.... Dodged a bullet there. x

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