For those of you who know me personally, would know that I have been single for a very long time. The entire time I have been living by myself, I have been single. Which is not quite a decade, actually no its only just nine years. But please don't worry, I definitely haven't been lonely!

There was of course my claytons boyfriend [aka: my mate]; you know the male friend who is everything you want but nothing you can have for almost three years and there has been many, many, many dates, so many of these dates, so many stories... 

And that brings us to STATE OF DISTRACTION... Let's call this a Journal, rather than a Blog - about the "joys" of being single and dating in your late thirties. While I'm distracted dating all the wrong men, I'm hoping that I'll learn a few things, give you a laugh, perhaps some dating tips and possibly meet an awesome man along the way! x

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