A N . A F F A I R

What is the definition of an affair? Is it what we have been told growing up; a person or persons in a committed relationship having "relations" with a person outside of the relationship? Can an affair happen between two people, neither in a committed relationship and with no intentions of their "affair" developing into a committed relationship or is this simply just a fling?

The folk at Wikipedia describe it simply as; 
"An affair is a sexual relationship or a romantic friendship or passionate attachment between two people."
But then they expand on this with;
"A romantic affair, also called an affair of the heart, may refer to sexual liaisons among unwed or wedded parties, or to various forms of nonmonogamy. Unlike a casual relationship, which is a physical and emotional relationship between two people who may have sex without expecting a more formal romantic relationship, an affair is by its nature romantic."

Ok, so now you may be wondering why I'm asking this question... Well, sometime ago I met the chef; we met in a way that seemed unconventional at the time, but I'm sure it's not so uncommon now. Social media is many things, but I hadn't considered it a place to meet someone new, let alone someone who I was going to embark on a short, intense and what I can now safely call; an affair. 

One stormy Monday night, we met for the first time at a pub in the city. It was also the first time we'd actually spoken and within moments the intensity was present. A rare experience which is likely never to be repeated. So engrossed in each other that without a second thought we are kissing. Relatively complete strangers, sober and on a Monday! The chef had me enthralled in his tales of travel, and that English accent!! Just keep talking... I was gone.

Days after, before I'm able to get my head in check, I've invited the chef to spend the weekend at my place. After our second date on a Friday night, we venture very early Saturday morning to the south coast and I show him around my sweet part of the world. As the weekend continues to progress at it's blissful affair induced pace, I slowly feel my head checking my heart, and I pull up short of falling for this traveller. I regrettably but bravely send him back to the city before the affair is heartbreaking... x

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